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As a work in progress, much of what is seen here is under development and may change rapidly. 

Build Me an Earth-Like Planet


Welcome to the Worldbuilders page for building better and more believable planets. 

While many random content generators may give you a bunch of numbers, that's basically all it is—a bunch of random numbers that either don't correlate to real astrophysics, don't understand the implications of those numbers, or (worse) both!  Yet if you are a writer or game master who goes cross-eyed at the thought of having to work those kinds of details out yourself, you may just simply prefer random numbers instead, and that's completely understandable.  After all, it's your job to run good games and write good stories, not sit for hours trying to figure out the details.  But your audience is savvy, and some of them might just say "Hey, wait a minute...".  There's nothing worse for an author or game master to have that suspension of belief broken. 

But beyond believability and suspension of belief, we believe that by using this tool it will be easier to expand and develop the worlds you create into rich, consitent, and fun settings your audience will enjoy and revisit. 

This website offers a few tools.  If you want a very quick and dirty random planet, try my Random Planet generator.  For those who want to get under the hood a little and tinker, just use the controls below and have fun! 

Before we build your planet, we have to know a little bit about the star that it orbits. 

You can choose from either an idealized table, or input a few key characteristics about your star below. 

Direct Inputs