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Random Religion

Religious Aspects
Type:  triism (which is the religion of three tries).
Hierarchy:  mostly harmless
Direction:  one way, but with a U-turn at the halfway mark
Focus:  bellybuttons
Deity/Ruling Deities:  HEY YOU!
Title/Important Deities:  The Big Kahoona, Bob
Divine Interaction:  generally RSVP's to parties
Involves (Features):  the artist formerly known as Prince
Afterlife:  the good are horribly punished while the bad go on in eternal bliss.  ...wait...
Supernatural:  garden gnomes
Worship:  obsessive banging of pots together
Holy Days of Worship:  every hour, on the hour
Holidays Celebrate:  celebrity impersonators, bad refrigerator art, that guy in the corner, and paper clips!
Major Holidays:  involve pudding (probably laced with lots of drugs)
Clergy:  men, women, cats, dogs, and a parakeet
Clerical Structure:  mobius strip
Function:  avoiding real work
Lifestyle:  anywhere from dirt poor to owning a gold-plated jet
Family:  only if they discover you hiding behind the curtains when they ring the doorbell
Chosen:  via a chicken picking the winning lotto numbers
Distinguished By:  people pointing and laughing at them
Cultural Aspects
Symbol:  the artist formerly known as Prince
Holy Color:  transparent
Artistic Expression:  tons and tons of mimes!!!
Passed Down:  cartoon characters
Creation Myth Type:  fuzzy dust bunnies
Mortals' Origin:  they just showed up at the door one day
Major Myth/Symbol(s):  Internet
Deadly Sins:  molesters, talking at the theater, trolling content generator developers
High Virtues:  taking the red pill, eating cookies, not feeding the trolls
Coming of Age:  knee high to a grasshopper
Coming of Age Rite:  putting up with coming-of-age rites
Marriage:  is wot bwings ufs togefer today
Marriage Rites:  getting your own lawyer for the inevitable divorce
Death Rites:  worm food
Major Taboo Involves:  forgetting your mother's birthday
Prevalence:  That one weird uncle with the tinfoil hat believes. And a couple Hollywood celebrities, but that's about it.
Longevity:  What do you mean? It's always been a part of the Great Plan!
Outsiders:  taken to Guantanamo, tortured, and never heard from again