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As a work in progress, much of what is seen here is under development and may change rapidly. 


Thank you again for visiting this website.  I hope you enjoy it, use it for good, and have fun.  If you want to converse, see Contact Information below.  If you are as concerned about privacy, Big Data, and cookies, see Privacy below.  And to ask questions you never knew you had, I've even included one of them handy F.A.Q. things, too!
A bit of history is my hobby site, started back around August 16, 2019 before the invention of that horrible pandemic known as CoViD-19.  I had been messing around with html, css, javascript, PHP, and other web languages for a few years now and I figured it was time to start sharing a few of my creations here. 

What this site is about

I've always loved worldbuilding.  Much of what you will find here are content generators for writers and gamers who want a quick and easy way to generate such content for their own use, but perhaps don't have the time or knowledge to dedicate.

A long time ago, my high school friends and I wrote a little fairy tale/fantasy story called "A Boy, A Goat, and His Pogostick".  It was a little round-robin writing exercise that was great fun!  I created a character named Shaudawn, one of the supporting actors in the story.  Sometime later, I tried registering for an online account and my typical given name was already taken as an account name. 

So, I tried registering as "Shaudawn".  Eventually, I found that this fictional name was unique, and I've used it ever since for a lot of my web activity.  I'm rather fond of the name, and in this day where nearly all of the web names are taken, Shaudawn worked again.

How about now?
Somewhere in the shadow of the mountain whose real name is Tahkoma, "The Mother of the Waters".  I am often found in the valleys of the Cedar, Black, or Duwamish Rivers somewhere.


To acknowledge the traditional territory is to recognize its longer history, reaching beyond colonization and the establishment of European colonies, as well as its significance for the Indigenous peoples who lived and continue to live upon this territory, and whose practices and spiritualities were tied to the land and continue to develop in relationship to the land and its other inhabitants today.

As a step toward honoring the truth and achieving healing and reconciliation, this website commits to a statement acknowledging the traditional Native lands on which we stand, work, and live. We recognize the stolen land belonging to the Duwamish (dxʷdəwʔabš) people of the Coastal Salish tribes, and we encourage you, dear reader, to discover the lands upon which you stand, work, and live, and the indigenous peoples to whom that land originally belongs.

Statements become truly meaningful when coupled with authentic relationships and sustained commitment. We therefore commit to move beyond words into programs and actions that fully embody a commitment to Indigenous rights and cultural equity.

To support the Duwamish people with us, please visit these links:

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Take the #HonorNativeLands pledge:

Fine.  How are you?


"I can't breathe"
  — George Floyd (and far too many others)

Just as we must never forget that we are all on indigenous land, so too must we always remember that Black Lives Matter.

Contact Information

If you have questions, concerns, or constructive comments, drop me an e-mail at (you guessed it)  (Yeah, yeah...not terribly original, but, hey, it works!)  Please be kind.  I have a fragile ego.  But more importantly, kind e-mails will likely get more prompt and kind responses wereas troll flames will—oops.  That delete button is so close.  My finger must have slipped.

Privacy Information

Right now, it's very, very simple.  Everything on is free to use.  There is no need to register, thus I don't take any information from you.  There's no need to use cookies here.  I'm not even using analytics. 

I'd love to develop something more engaging, but that's still a long ways off.  Once registered accounts or something like that become necessary, I'll update the privacy policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

A: You already did.
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A: Personally, it's been easier on my eyes to develop this site in dark mode.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to figure out how to give you, the user, more control over that.